Massinissa Pass – M2R – Gala Only


The M2R will be happening in a 5 Star hotel in Hammamet, Tunis from the 5th to the 8th of September and the program includes so many fun activities such as:


–          Opening Ceremony.

–          Workshops.

–          Country Booths.

–          Gala Dinner. (Only activity included in this package)

–          Visiting the City of Tunis, The Bardo museum, the Roman ruins in Carthage and Sidi Bousaid.

–          Parties.


** You can upgrade for the Dido Package, it includes all the activities mentioned above.

** For more information visit the M2R Facebook page or the Rotaract Mediterranean Website.

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M2R is the Mediterranean Meeting of Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO. It is a weekend long that is held once a year and hosted by a Mediterranean district to aid international exchange. This Year’s M2R will be held in Hammamet, Tunisia this September from 5th to the 8th. The event is hosted by Rotaract Tunisia.